Lina Michaels, Julius Pleaser

sample 1 Lina Michaels, Julius Pleaser

Lina is skipping school today hanging out at the beach when she meets a random guy named Julius on the boardwalk. Julius loves what he sees and wants to get to know this naughty student more intimately, so she invites him back to her nearby pad. The two don’t waste any time exploring each other’s bodies, getting naked within minutes of jumping on the bed. Lina is one happy go lucky starlet with smooth skin and a fucking bod. Her perky boobs are adorable and her pussy lips are stunning. It’s no wonder Julius isn’t able to pull out in time…that muff looks too damn comfortable.

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Marie McCray, Levi Cash

sample 1 Marie McCray, Levi Cash

When Marie gets locked out of her house, she kills time walking around on the beach waiting for her mom to come home and bumps into a cheesy man named Levi. Levi throws some bad pickup lines at her that fail horribly, so he decides to play it straight and offer her some help instead. He says he can pick her house lock and she agrees to let him try. Of course, that’s not the only thing Levi wants to pick. His devious plan is quickly revealed when he heads into her bedroom and seduces her 18 year old beaver with his mature charm. After probing her and getting a blow, he convinces her to let him bang her, and accidentally creampies.

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Mimi Allen, Commando

sample 1 Mimi Allen, Commando

Mimi is a skinny catholic schoolgirl who likes to party. She drinks and smokes and lies to her dad about studying when she’s really just chillin. When she bumps into latino Commando, she’s intrigued by his bad backside mentality and invites him into her home to share a cigarette and dry off. When she sees him with his shirt off, she gets totally turned on and one thing leads to another. Soon Mimi trades in her cigarette for smokin some pole. Watch how she maintains eye contact while taking his thick wang down her throat. What our experienced student really wants is to ride dickhead, so Commando gets caught up in the moment and jizzes inside.

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Natasha Nice, Peter Del Mar

sample 1 Natasha Nice, Peter Del Mar

Natasha Nice goes to Miami prep school. She was on her way home, walking on the beach, when she met a shirtless meditating artist named Peter. The two really hit it off and headed over to Natasha’s house to read some of her poetry (ya, right!). Peter can’t get enough of the whole school tramp outfit and comes on strong, peeling off her hotpink bra to play with her enormous naturals before sticking his penis in her mouth. This teenager is no stranger to being naughty and slurps on his penis to the point of drinking. She then tells him that he can fuck her tight cunt but only if her promises not to cream inside her. Peter swears he won’t.

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Tanner Mayes, Jarrod Steed

sample 1 Tanner Mayes, Jarrod Steed

Tanner is one unique looking woman. She almost looks part Native Indian and part Asian. Whatever she is, she’s definitely 100% sexy. Here we find our little cutie waiting for a ride home from private school. She’s wearing a super short miniskirt that shows off her tanned legs and a low cut top that reveals her perky cannons. Dressed like that, this little schoolgirl is going to attract a lot of attention. When Jarrod sees her, he can’t help but let his shaft lead the way and he offers to walk this helpless hottie home. She appreciates his concern and brings him up to her room to play with her innocent cherry nipples. He then pulls her underwear to the side and plunges his fingers deep inside her as his love hammer gets engorged. She can’t resist deepthroating his prick and then decides to take it balls deep up her tiny coochie, if he promises not to jizz inside. He infamously agrees, and she then gets banged in multiple positions before the realization that his seed has been planted.

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Sophia Sutra, Richie Deville

sample 1 Sophia Sutra, Richie Deville

Sexy brunette schoolgirl Sophia Sutra is at the park talking on the phone when she’s approached by a sweet boy. The two engage in some conversation, and she invites him back to her place while her parents are out to help her study. They’re soon helping each other undress, and she kneels to suck his hard cock. She climbs on top to ride him reverse cowgirl, and she gets on her hands and knees to get fucked doggy style. He lays her back to give it to her missionary, and he blows her load deep inside her bald vagina even though she told him not to. She spreads her lips angrily as the ejaculate pie comes oozing out

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Taylor Thomas, Levi Cash

sample 1 Taylor Thomas, Levi Cash

Taylor Thomas is your typical slut next door – she is such a cute looking coed, you’d never expect her to end up in a porn clip. However she is certainly porno bound, and meets up with Levi Cash. Although she might look like a sweetie at first, once he gets to talking she can’t open up her legs fast enough. Just the thought of that giant meatstick is enough to make her muff soaked all the way through, and she makes sure that he stretches out her hole so wide that she can’t walk right for a week. Now that’s hot.

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Amanda Bryant, Sergio

sample 1 Amanda Bryant, Sergio

Sweet schoolgirls always seem to get in so much trouble when they have the house to themselves. Adorable Amanda Bryant is about to have some unprotected sex with a guy she barely knows, all because she is a playful southern belle with a thing for big muscles and jumbo dongs. They meet in the park and go to her house to dry off but this hot blond co-ed doesn’t stay dry for very long once her new friend Sergio starts tickling her clit. It all happened so fast that the poor schoolgirl didn’t even know that Sergio had planted his spunk right up her pretty pink coochie.

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Chastity Lynn, Scott Lyons

sample 1 Chastity Lynn, Scott Lyons

Scott Lyons happens upon Chastity Lynn and scores enormous.Taking her home they start making out. Touching the need he pulls his pecker out of his pants and deep throats it hard. Now hard she mounts his weiner and pleasures her firm snatch to orgasm. Turning around to face him he rams her some more and she explodes again. Anus in the air she takes it from behind. Hard and fast he rams his cock up her vagina. Faster he slams and she has one more orgasm. Now on her back her womanhood is probed by his jumbo manhood. Deep had fast she quivers with pleasure. Her screams of pleasure announce her final climax. Groping the pressure he blows in her cooche.

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Katey Grind, Shane Dizzel

sample 1 Katey Grind, Shane Dizzel

When you are nineteen and bored there never seems to be anything exciting to do. Sitting in the park seems boring and you require excitement in your life. This is exactly how this adorable redhead Katey Grind feels when she stumbles upon good looking Shane Dizzel in the park. He is older, good looking and exciting, just the ticket she needs to get out of a boring afternoon. Shane is all over this desperate for attention starlet and is quickly getting an invite back to her place for a little afternoon in the sack. Shane only has so much control though and can’t pull out in time. So he departs, leaving behind a special gift.

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