Brooke Whispers, Mario Cassini

sample 1 Brooke Whispers, Mario Cassini

Hormonally charged young chick Brooke Whispers loves getting fucked by older dudes – especially when they cream inside her! This is the kind of naturally slutty harlot who never insists on a condom – in fact, she prefers if there isn’t one! In this wild flick she throws herself at guy Mario Cassini, sitting painfully close to him on the sofa and rubbing her breasts casually against his shoulder until he makes his move. Soon sexy young Brooke is bouncing on her stud’s prick he also holds her legs wide apart by the ankles and deep strokes her, making her gasp in pleasure before he pumps his load straight inside her luscious young muff.

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Addison O’Riley, Zeke

sample 1 Addison ORiley, Zeke

When Addison gets kicked off the cheerleading team for being 5 minutes late, she’s totally angry. So she calls up her friend on the celly to dish about the deets. Recent grad Zeke, who was nearby watching his little brother’s football team, couldn’t help but overhear Addison stressing over the situation. Being an alumnus himself, he wanted to show his school spirit by offering Addision support in her time of emotional need, so he kindly offered to walk her home. She appreciated his concern and thanked him by letting him kiss and pet her slim body before showing off her perfect tits on the balcony. As if that weren’t enough of a thank you, our blondie cutie then dropped to her knees to take his weiner balls deep down her throat. All hot and bothered now, Zeke really needed to fuck her, so she said he could on one condition. She warned him that she wasn’t on birth control and that if he were to fuck her, he couldn’t cum anywhere near her slot! Zeke agreed…but his cock forgot to!

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Bella Cole, Dallas

sample 1 Bella Cole, Dallas

Today 18 year old Bella got kicked out of her private catholic school for kissing a football player in the boys locker room. Dallas, a distraught older fella who overheard Bella bitching on the phone, was also having a bad day. He just lost his job and wanted to kill some time before having to go home to his fiance with the bad news. So our soft spoken cutie invited him over to her place for some stress relief. Naughty Bella soon shows us why she got into trouble, revealing her jumbo natural titties and quickly swallowing on his dickhead as she takes it to the back of her throat. Dallas really wanted to fuck her firm schoolgirl fuckhole, so Bella agreed so long as he didn’t cream in her. She then climbed aboard his dickhead and got her rump spanked while she bounced on his cock. This young hottie then took it doggie style, rubbing her clit and making herself cream before laying down on her back to take it missionary. The plan was cum all over her melons, but in the heat of the moment…oops!

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Eva Ellington, Peter Del Mar

sample 1 Eva Ellington, Peter Del Mar

Eva is a raven-haired hottie who’s got her parent’s new house all to herself. Bored and in party mode, she calls up some friends only to hear that they’re a no go for coming over. That’s when her nosy neighbor Peter stops by. He’s been out of town for a while, and comes around looking for Bob, the man who used to live there. Little did he know that Eva was his new, horny, neighbor. When he spots a used dildo on the couch, he quickly realizes that this is one dirty schoolgirl with an adult-sized appetite for shaft. So he goes in for the kill and seduces her nano body with his big manmeat. You can tell right away that Eva knows a thing or two about blowing weiner. From keeping good eye contact to making slurping sounds to swallowing on it, this tight cutie is one experienced teenager. Eager to open up her muff and ride his thick wang, she sits on it reverse cowgirl and jiggles on it like a pro, all while repeatedly reminding him not to ejaculate in her. Some men just don’t listen.

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Jordan, Levi Cash

sample 1 Jordan, Levi Cash

18 year old Jordan just got home from school cheerleading practice and was looking to hook up with some girlfriends when 29 year old Levi came around snooping. He chatted her up and talked her into letting him inside her home. Lucky for him, Jordan thinks older studs are hot, so even though she was really nervous, she took well to his advances. When he asked to kiss her lips, a rush of excitement aroused her body and she immediately got all moist. This shy tramp couldn’t wait to have her supple body taken advantage of and quickly spread her legs to have her clit rubbed through her underwear. She then grabbed Levi’s penis and tenderly started stroking it before choking down his sword down to her tonsils. Blessed with a meaty cooter, Jordan then got finger banged before Levi opened her bacon flaps for some real dickhead. Watch as this senusal blonde hottie grinds his dong down while her bubble rump bounces for the camera. She’s then laid out on her back for the accidental grand finale!

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Kitty Bella, J Mac

sample 1 Kitty Bella, J Mac

Cheerleading captain Kitty was outside setting the home alarm when classmate J Mac stopped by. Even though she has strict rules regarding guys in the house, cheer practice is over and Kitty was now ready to get some rah rah penis. Watch as she chokes his prick down, working her lips up and down the hard pecker. He is enormously hard, and she can’t wait to slide him up her slick split. J Mac licks her pompoms and bites her pencil eraser nipples as she rides his cock cowgirl. This tanned teenager is a sweaty banging mess who screams at the top of her lungs while getting pumped. He crams his hungry penis deep into her love canal until his spirit stick erupts inside her. Whoops! I guess he forget to pull out. That’s what you get when you think with your manhood. J Mac bolts and Kitty is left there alone while cream oozes out from her thick pussy lips.

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Lina Michaels, Julius Pleaser

sample 1 Lina Michaels, Julius Pleaser

Lina is skipping school today hanging out at the beach when she meets a random man named Julius on the boardwalk. Julius loves what he sees and requires to get to know this naughty student more intimately, so she invites him back to her nearby pad. The two don’t waste any time exploring each other’s bodies, getting naked within minutes of jumping on the bed. Lina is one happy go lucky starlet with gentle skin and a banging bod. Her perky tits are adorable and her pussy lips are stunning. It’s no wonder Julius isn’t able to pull out in time…that slit looks too damn comfortable.

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Marie McCray, Levi Cash

sample 1 Marie McCray, Levi Cash

When Marie gets locked out of her house, she kills time walking around on the beach waiting for her mom to come home and bumps into a cheesy stud named Levi. Levi throws some bad pickup lines at her that fail horribly, so he decides to play it straight and offer her some help instead. He says he can pick her house lock and she agrees to let him try. Of course, that’s not the only thing Levi wants to pick. His devious plan is quickly revealed when he heads into her bedroom and seduces her 18 year old cooter with his mature charm. After flicking her and getting a blow, he convinces her to let him bang her, and accidentally creampies.

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Mimi Allen, Commando

sample 1 Mimi Allen, Commando

Mimi is a skinny catholic schoolgirl who likes to party. She drinks and smokes and lies to her dad about studying when she’s really just chillin. When she bumps into latino Commando, she’s intrigued by his bad ass mentality and invites him into her home to share a cigarette and dry off. When she sees him with his shirt off, she gets totally turned on and one thing leads to another. Soon Mimi trades in her cigarette for smokin some pole. Watch how she maintains eye contact while taking his thick dong down her throat. What our experienced student really requires is to ride shlong, so Commando gets caught up in the moment and jizzes inside.

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Natasha Nice, Peter Del Mar

sample 1 Natasha Nice, Peter Del Mar

Natasha Nice goes to Miami prep school. She was on her way home, walking on the beach, when she met a shirtless meditating artist named Peter. The two really hit it off and headed over to Natasha’s house to read some of her poetry (ya, right!). Peter can’t get enough of the whole school girl outfit and comes on strong, peeling off her hotpink bra to play with her big naturals before sticking his wang in her mouth. This teenager is no stranger to being naughty and slurps on his pecker to the point of gagging. She then tells him that he can bang her tight coochie but only if her promises not to cream inside her. Peter swears he won’t.

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